Our equipment provides a number of benefits over spray applications or hand-picking pests. They remove the labour required to apply biocides using a standalone spray unit or built-in system. They also provide a smaller and more consistent droplet size which provides better coverage and efficacy whilst reducing waste.

Our fogging application covers both the top and bottom surfaces of plant leaves, unlike most sprayers or misters, reducing the amount of untreated foliage left to harbor and feed pests. Foggers are considered an excellent way to apply many natural pesticides, such as sugar esters and nicotine derivatives, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service

Controlling pests in a greenhouse can be extremely difficult

Even if your greenhouse is small, the density of vegetation and the structure itself can provide many places for unwanted pests to hide and breed. While hand-picking and cultural controls are the most desirable option. Our rang of fogging solutions provide the most effective and convenient way to accomplish this in todays challenging and demanding growing enviroment .


  • Our specially formulated products will remain suspended for several hours which allows for maximum surface contact time with the crops surface area. Also dragging down any pathogens suspended in the air column whilst reaching all nooks and crannies with an efficiency of more than 2000 times higher than a conventional mister or sprayer.
  • Our 1 micron sized particles will provide complete 3D coverage and saturation of your grow and all surfaces.
  • Neutrafog is a dry fog and safe to use on all crops and organic matter which leaves little to no visible residue.
  • Electrically powered , no exhaust fumes generated and safe for indoor use.
  • Our proprietary products do not require agitation.
  • Foggers doe not require the intervention of specialized operators
  • Units can be controlled remotely at any time night or day.
  • Patented technology
  • Fogger uniformly deposits our products on all crops providing 3D coverage and complete saturation within the grow room.
  • Powerful and fast our equipment is able to cover volumes from 8 828 ft3 to 847 552 ft3 in 3 min or less depending on the unit chosen.